Payroll & Timekeeping

Payroll is very time-consuming due to the payment of several forms of wages with varying tax requirements, rates of pay and in some cases tipped employees. Calculating taxes for all appropriate government levels can also be quite complex, particularly for restaurants or businesses with multi-state operations. In addition to weekly or bi-weekly paycheck there are other required reports, including 940s, 941s, and annual W2s, as well as the collection and input of data from new hires, including W4s and I9s. Missing a quarterly tax form submission, neglecting to get completed I9s, or inputting garnishments or support judgements can be extremely costly errors. There are many options that are available for businesses facing challenged around payroll and timekeeping challenges including outsourcing all payroll operations directly to Alogo Human Resources or receiving scheduled assistance during busy times to ensure proper procedure.

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