Benefits are a critical piece of any employment offer and directly contribute to employee loyalty and retention. We can assist in setting up traditional benefits such as paid time off, health care plans and retirement planning as well as less traditional options that smaller businesses may offer such as transportation and meal perks or team outings. Wellness plans and continuing education or professional development are additional benefits that we are extremely passionate about and enjoy getting creative with when putting together plans for businesses of all sizes. A comprehensive benefit package attracts both new talent as well as aiding in the development and retainment of employees through all stages of their life and career.


Laws, regulations and policies related to employer and employee duties are constantly changing on the Federal and State level in addition to industry specifics for a business. If a business is not up to date with proper employment verification, job classification, record keeping, employee files and documentation, the number of fines and penalties could easily be large enough to force a business to close the doors. Proper compliance is critical to aid in the defense of a business facing a lawsuit. Average legal fees for settling a wrongful termination case can near $100,000 while pushing the case to trial for a jury verdict can easily reach $500,000 or more. A review of employee files and record keeping is the first of what could be many steps to establishing proper compliance and policies.   

Payroll & Timekeeping

Payroll is very time-consuming due to the payment of several forms of wages with varying tax requirements, rates of pay and in some cases tipped employees. Calculating taxes for all appropriate government levels can also be quite complex, particularly for restaurants or businesses with multi-state operations. In addition to weekly or bi-weekly paycheck there are other required reports, including 940s, 941s, and annual W2s, as well as the collection and input of data from new hires, including W4s and I9s. Missing a quarterly tax form submission, neglecting to get completed I9s, or inputting garnishments or support judgements can be extremely costly errors. There are many options that are available for businesses facing challenged around payroll and timekeeping challenges including outsourcing all payroll operations directly to Alogo Human Resources or receiving scheduled assistance during busy times to ensure proper procedure.

Staffing & Training

Staffing & Training

High turnover is a concern of many small and medium sized businesses. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 annual turnover rate for the restaurant industry was 72 percent, up from a rate of 67 percent in 2014. Hiring and retaining skilled employees who can effectively handle the responsibilities and demands of the job while being able to delight your customers day in and day out is key to reducing turnover and saving costs. The key to this success is an effective recruiting, hiring and training process. Once an employee is hired it is critical to train employees correctly and offer them resources to continue the success of training. These resources include employee handbooks, training manuals, checklists or job aids, mentoring programs and regular employee reviews. Creating and reviewing processes like this increase retention and efficiency with employees which overall can reduce expenses. When an employee does leave, there is the possibility of an unemployment claim. These claims can be a huge drain for any business. Avoiding wrongful terminations can help reduce the amount of benefits collected and keep rates lower. However, tax rates are only part of the cost equation. There’s also the time spent on reviewing claims, discussing them in person or by telephone, and negotiating with the review staff.

On Site Sessions

On site training sessions offer businesses the opportunity to present a clear message to all employees or a specific group of employees. This is a great chance to share new information or ideas to assist in overall culture changes and improvements. I have developed specific presentations and training sessions for workplaces that can be done on site in 1 hour, 3 hour or 6 hour time slots. These sessions are also customized in particular areas to focus on the employees in attendance to ensure they deliver the greatest influence and help facilitate meaningful conversation for those in attendance during the session as well as after. 

The three training sessions I currently offer and facilitate are:

- Diversity and Inclusion: More than checking boxes and achieving numbers 

- Minding the Gap: Overcoming obstacles with multiple generations at work

- Start Up Culture: Breaking the mold and getting to business 

Regardless of the time slot (1, 3, or 6 hours) my goal is always to appeal to many learning styles through various activities and mediums, to have the most impact for companies. 

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